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Copyfluent helps you outsource copywriting

Paying a full time copywriter may have you thinking that it's time to outsource copywriting in general. Here's the dirty little secret and something that I, a copywriter, almost hate to say: Not a lot of brands and even marketing agencies need a full time copywriter on staff (mic drop).

It's true – unless your writer wears a lot of hats, he or she probably has a lot of down time that you're paying for. Outsourcing copywriters when you need them is a perfect solution that ensures you get write ups when you need them while saving a LOT of money.

The team at Copyfluent does it all – social media copy, taglines, video scripts, brand stories, web copy, blogging, emails and so much more. We have experience in various industries including CPGs like athletic nutrition, supplements, CBD, food, automotive and beauty, as well as services including legal, construction, finance, grooming, and others. OUTSOURCE COPYWRITING – THE COPYFLUENT ADVANTAGE

Low cost – we look at your unique project by itself and determine the lowest price possible. This means you don't overpay on an expensive "package" option that probably doesn't fit your scope of work anyway.

Fast turnaround – we work quickly and efficiently without compromising strategic and creative quality. That helps you stay ahead of deadlines and grow at a faster rate than your competition.

SEO friendly - when it comes to writing website copy, blogs, PR and basically anything online, the messaging needs to help boost your search rankings. Our SEO writers research keywords and optimize copy to do just that.

Perfectly tailored – whether you need an emotional video script, viral social media captions or a hard-hitting PR piece (and everything in between), Copyfluent has you covered. Our team is amazingly well-rounded and boasts experience in almost every industry.

If you need copy that makes an impact, converts customers and simply gets the job done, reach out anytime. The Copyfluent phone number is 2146878868. Or email me personally at – the name's Daniel. I'll be sure to take great care of you.

Thanks for reading! From all of us at Copyfuent, stay safe and healthy!

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