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How to cure writer's block, according to professional writers.

What to say, what to say... it sucks when writer's block gets in the way (oh, wow, that rhymed). If writing is your job, or even if you want to meet a personal writing goal, nothing sucks quite as much as writer's block. Well, the team at Copyfluent is here to help. Spend less time stuck and staring and more time putting words on paper. Let's jump into 4 ways to cure writers block!

Take a break to cure the block

There's no point in banging your head against the wall when the words aren't flowing. If you're stuck, it might just be time to take a break. There's no shame in it, and you'll find that activating a different creative outlet could inspire you to look at your writing from a different angle.

Write a 5-minute story

Yes, they're exercises, but they're actually quite fun. For 5 minutes, just write a story – no self censoring, don't think too much, just keep writing constantly. It's kind of like improv for actors. Think subjects like: your last amazing experience, how water feels on your body, the last time you cried, basically anything that invokes a strong emotional response. You'll be inspired again in no time.

Read, read, read

Weird how writing and reading go hand in hand, who would have thought? But in all seriousness, when you're experiencing writer's block, it's a great time to crack open... something. I don't care if it's a 500 page novel or a fashion magazine, reading something when the right words are hard to find can uncover a new way of looking at your story (or poem, or headline, or whatever you're writing).

Phone a friend

If you're a writer, chances are you know another writer. Whether you're copywriting for marketing purposes, writing a book or even working on a screenplay, asking for pointers can help you find a new viewpoint to continue or finish your project. In fact, phoning a friend helped me write one of the most important taglines of my career.

If writer's block rears its ugly head, now you'll know how to deal with it. And if you need professional help, we're happy to be of assistance as well. Contact Copyfluent for copywriting on demand!

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